4 Unique Dental Careers that Veer Away from the Norm

Working as a dentist is a calling, as is the case with other life-changing careers. If you would like to get into this field but want a slightly different career that’s not along the regular lines, there are quite a few options that you can choose from. Here are four of the most unique dental careers you can choose. Have a look at them and make a decision that will leave you feeling grateful for the rest of your career.

1. Dental Researcher

This is an amazing career option for those who would rather help in doing research to foster breakthroughs in the field of dentistry. As a dental researcher, you will be highly sought after by brands that either want to test their products or develop new ones for the market. Note that you will be required to have a substantial amount of education if you want to have a chance of working in this field. If you enjoy figures and making strategic predictions, you will love working as a statistician or researcher in this field. As you do your research, you may look at demographics and populations around the country. It may surprise you to know that there’s been a 500% increase in the population of inmates over the last 40 years. Furthering the research on this topic may help improve dental conditions in the United States prison system, making a difference in the lives of many. When you work as a dental researcher, you can make a difference in the lives of underrepresented groups by shining a light on them.

2. Social Media Influencer

As technology evolves, so does the way in which people interact with each other and with businesses. As a result of this, social media platforms have taken center stage in almost every industry in the world. This means that you can make a career as a dental social media influencer. In this capacity, you can expect to be approached by dentists who want to improve their image and reach a wider crowd. You will also help producers of dental products to make a mark in the market. If you love to help people and enjoy dentistry but you also have a way with social media, then this is a career in which you may excel.

3. Dental Educator

Perhaps you love nothing more than to impart knowledge to eager minds and improve the state of the world by spreading information. If this is the case for you and you would also like to remain in the dental field, then you should consider becoming an educator. You will be responsible for training aspiring dentists and ensuring that they’re competent enough to work as dentists on their own by eventually examining them at different stages of their education. You will teach a number of interesting things, getting to learn about them yourself in the process. A surprising fact is that dental students often have to practice on cadavers. Because cremation and viewing have a national median cost of $5,150, many choose to instead donate their bodies to science. This can be highly beneficial for you and your students, as they will get real-world practice.

4. Dental Technology

The fourth dental career option that isn’t a standard dentist job is dental technology. In this field, you will be among the first to discover and test new technologies revolving around dentistry. These include using robots to perform detailed procedures and cutting-edge dental surgeries that aim to either treat or restore people’s comfort, function, and confidence as far as their oral health goes. With 15.6 million cosmetic procedures having been performed in the year 2020, it’s easy to see that there’s a lot of demand not just in regular dental healthcare, but also in cosmetic dentistry as well. That said, you can be sure that you will enjoy an amazing career if you venture into dental technology.

These four possible careers that you can pursue beyond standard dentistry offer variety and adventure. It’s a good idea to go where your heart takes you right from the start. This will give you a better chance to thrive and grow in your career.